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Pinnacle Lake Estates Monthly Board Meeting 
Board Meeting Minutes:  Saturday, April 10, 2021
9:00 a.m. at Pinnacle Lake Office

Board Members:
Present: Dan Latham, Barbara Baker, Bob Menzel, Charlie LePage
Absent:  Rick Martin, Tim Ryan, Mark Hodge, Pam Manco

Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Dan Latham


March 6, 2021, Monthly Board Meeting Minutes were read by Recording Secretary Barbara Baker.  MOTION made by Bob Menzel to approve the February minutes as read.  Motion seconded.  Board agreed minutes will be recorded as read.


Administration Report:  – Registrations for March included 4 boats, 4 motors, 4 UTVs and one camper.  12 new gate cards issued for the month.  3 replacement gate cards issued.   Boat slip lottery drawing winners:  Chris Mohrmann and Cory and Rachel Haney.    Registration process:   Motion made to approve vacation time for our office secretary, Cheryl Purfeerst.  She will be on vacation June 4 – 7 and September 16 -25.  (Office will reopen on Sept 27th.)


Treasurer Report: (Bob Menzel) – Account Balances

            Petty Cash – $56.00

            Boat Dock Fund – $30,531.68

            Main Bank Account – $112,687

            Special Assessment – $190,926

            Wayne Beagle Fund – $5,133

Roads Report: – (Charlie LePage, Dan Latham, and Tim Ryan) – 25 loads of rock have been placed on PLE roads in the last month and a half.  Grading should alleviate some of the wash boarding problems on the roads.  Pipe in front of Office has been replaced.  We plan to replace the other culvert pipe going to the beach.  Many more culvert pipes need to be replaced.

Security Report: (Mark Hodge) – absent – Reminder, we still need one more Security person.

Architecture Report:(Rick Martin) – Report:  3 applications made: 1.  Steel dock with roof       2. Storage shed   3. Driveway pad with culvert.

Special Projects:  – (Charlie LePage) – Arbors – suggest we put in LED lights.  Arbors will be wired in next few weeks. Beach area has broken concrete slab that needs to be removed. 


Committee Reports:
Covenants and By-laws Revision – (Rick Martin) – no report
Dredging Committee – This committee is renamed Lake Preservation Committee as more than just dredging will be addressed by this committee. Includes work on the tributaries and coves.


Unfinished Business

  1. Auction of PLE owned properties – Ongoing
  2. Boat Docks /Buoys – Dock inspection; Bid to repair pin at the dock
  3. PLE Mailbox Policy – PLE’s policy on mail delivery and CBUs will be based on USPS policy. Only permanent resident may be allocated a mail slot in a PLE CBU.  Mail cannot be delivered to mobile homes, trailers, or RVs.  PLE can only issue keys to a CBU box to lot owners who meet the federal laws regarding dwellings.  Per Federal law, anyone may get a PO Box at the New Florence or Montgomery City Post Offices.
  4. Boat Slip Drawing – discussed in Admin Report.


New Business

  1. Requests for new gate cards: Lot owner request for 2 new cards not approved. Policy requires a name for each card.  Cards may not be issued for vehicles. 
  2. Issues/Complaints: Junk and trash on lots on Oak Drive.
  3. Grass cutting bid: Motion to approve bid by Michael Kenney made by Charlie LePage.  Seconded and past with unanimous approval.
  4. When/Where to have Special Meeting for lot owners to vote on Revisions of By-Laws and Covenants – Shooting for November. Looking into perhaps using a local school gymnasium. 
  5. Spring Work Day: April 24th, 25th.    Remove broken concrete pads in picnic table area.  Bath house.  Swing set area.  Beach improvement – Terracing.


Open Forum Topics –

  1. Lot owner says 10-year-old culvert on steep roadway needs to be extended. Charlie will look at this.
  2. Lot owner wants to know when road will be sloped for water drainage.
  3. Things are still being dumped that should not be dumped. Security says nothing picked up by camera.


Meeting adjourned at 10:02 AM by President Dan Latham

Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Barbara Baker