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Meeting Minutes – April 6th, 2024
Meeting Start: 8:59 am – Meeting Adjourned at 10:14 am

1. Pledge of Allegiance:

2. Open Forum:
• Member noticed Mike on her property for parking pad change. Wanted to know Mike’s
experience and what he was looking at and why. Mike offered to move a trailer that is on
Lake property. Surveyor or Mike to find markers for property lines.

3. Reports:

• Nikki Mohrmann/Administrative – 9 gate cards, 3 for lost or damaged – 1 boat motor, 2 atv’s
Saturday April 19 – vacation hours for office. 1130.22 collected. Assessment letter approved
and will go out with annual letter

• Bob Menzel/Treasurer – Spend $6,932. $1,600 for AED device.
115,300 spent – last yr same time $13,000 May, June, July, August about $32,000
230,000 is spend for the yr. That’s from 465 primary lots and 134 secondaries.
Cheryl got money market accounts set up – 3 accounts earning interest.

• Roads – Mike Cross – Roads – spent a lot on roads this week due to the storms. Culvert
issues – some are too small – Jared has been wonderful – available, responsive. Was 4 days
of work. 9 of 14 spots were mitigated. Water wagon for calcium chloride – main roads and
areas will be covered at first. New AED – outside box, etc. Dan and Mike working on
training, etc. Still looking into parking area for pavilion.

• Dan Ryan/Security – Scheduling of AED/CPR training – notice will be given. Have 6 guards
now, need at least 1 more. Scheduling upcoming security meeting for staff.

• Steve Poulis/architecture – 3 permits approved – 1 new dwelling and cabin – 2 open new
requests – 1 also a new dwelling/cabin. Technology – UTV recall work completed and power
washed. Replacement mic board for the gate system. Mic is installed. Emails for board –
board will have new emails for office/board use.

• Brant – Special projects – 1 mowing bid received – bid a cutting 2 weeks both side of lake
road to boat ramp, lake road south to bridge/stairway, lake picnic area, main gate and
security area and trails gate area. Additional trimming cost $350. Dam is done once a year
unless needed to do twice – need to keep it 6 inches or less to thwart off scruffy the
groundhog. Michael Kenny is mowing again – Beule does Dam and sides of roads.

Dumpster delivery 18th of April – cleanup day 20th of April metal scrap trailer will be
available as well.

• Dan Latham-Smith/Vice President – Absent

• Dena Cross/Recreation – Egg hunts went well – 50 treat bags were given out. Thanks to all
the helpers. Had crafts this year, Peep eating, and sack race. Adult hunt had about 30
people attend. Looking for suggestions for additional fundraising. Need cash donations for
candy, etc. Cash used for some of the supplies and have some left over for future events.
Raised 272 on raffles but we only made 37 over spend. Fundraising needed for the
recreation activities. Raffles for recreation started at Egg hunt raised 50 so far. Tickets
available in office. Poker run coming up. Need raffle items, attendance prizes, and 50/50.
Still need some donations. Ideas, kayak, lily pad, wheel barrel of alcohol. Need more smaller
items for attendance, etc. Kids fishing derby on June 8th. Need a lot of assistants – donate,
donate, donate! Cardboard boat race July 6th. Need to put together some thoughts on
pavilion reserve policy update.

4. Unfinished Business:

• By Laws Committee – Working with committee to get stuff comprehendible. Committee
reinstated and Jane is Chair. Dates needed for Town Hall meetings. Can be recorded and use
zoom. The more attendees the better. Town Hall dates are May 19, June 9th, and July 13th.
Will have them at the church in Jonesburg. Todd and Jane went thru the stare and compare
and was able to highlight changes. Also need get them posted on the website. 80 percent of
it seems like positive changes, but there are some items that may be controversial. No
attorney use or fees until we get the community input. Then see what legally needs to be
reviewed, etc. Dan R suggestion to community – it’s a document that needs lawyer review.
Jane mentioned she does revised statutes and Missouri Law. Dan suggests a community
lawyer. Jane just wants community input – Things like, only able to camp for 14 days for a 3
month period. Things that are not HOA law. Community needs to have input.
Steve – committee and board would give final review. Jane would like to suggest getting it
broken down into sections.

• Boat Docks – Boat Dock – new numbers on slip. People got confused on which slip was theirs.
Added 4 docks – 4 more slips possibly – Steve discussed how to plan for the numbers.
Fish station will be this month. 2.5 gallon of stain for new slips. Stain was bad – need more
stain – need to do ramps as well. That’s the short story.

• Lake Preservation – Have one volunteer so far, still looking for a few more. Scope of work for
Lake was submitted. Member asked if there any plans to do anything about the grass and

• Campgroup Committee – Committee for campground improvements. Weather has caused

• Main Gate Road issue – – We have a verbal agreement on the road issue – sad new is the
lawyer died. No significant delay – agreement will be finalized and done.

• Pavilion Parking – Pavilion parking. Company came out and gave us some suggestions. Would
help with drainage, etc. This is for ATV type vehicles only, no cars or trucks. 20 atv capacity
possibly. Beach drainage is an issue. Other companies will provide bids.

• Gate Card Audit – Carly, Mark, Nikki went thru files – looked for cards and deeds – 26
members with no deeds. Multiple card numbers found. Lake card audit letter will be sent
out. Information will also go out with the assessment letter. Discussed using Phone, email, or
mailing. Jane volunteered to take some of the calls.

• Guard shack – We have a lot more questions for Ron and need to talk to him about the
wood, overall project, etc. Mike to get with Ron.

5. New Business:
• Gate Card requests – none.
• Project for Beach Stairs – Will be assisted by well-seasoned builders.
Nikki would like to make a motion of up to 500 dollars for a second set of stairs.
Dan L seconds – Motion Passed.

6. Issues/Complaints – No submittals.