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Pinnacle Lake Estates Monthly Board Meeting 

Board Meeting Minutes:  Saturday October 3, 2020

9:00 a.m. at Pinnacle Lake Pavilion

Board Members:

Present: Dan Latham, Pam Manco, Barbara Baker, Bob Menzel,

Mark Hodge, Tim Ryan

Absent: Michael Tucker, Rick Martin



Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Dan Latham


August 1, 2020 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes were read by Barbara Baker.  MOTION made by Dan Latham to approve the meeting minutes.  Motion seconded and carried.  Board agreed minutes will be recorded as read.


September 12, 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes were read by Barbara Baker.  MOTION made by Tim Ryan to approve the meeting minutes.  Motion seconded and carried.  Board agreed minutes will be recorded as read.


Administration Report:  (Pam Manco) – Report included number of new gate cards, registrations of new boats, motors, and ATVs.  Lot owners should not use products containing formaldehyde in RV holding tanks.

Treasurer Report:  (Bob Menzel) – Current account balances:

            Boat Dock Fund – $15,907.83

            Main Money Market – $155,887.80

            Special Assessment – $99,318.51

            Wayne Beagle Fund – $5,133.76

            Total – $276,248.00

Roads Report:Michael Tucker submitted written report.  Cinders have been ordered, Main Gate project starting soon.

Security Report:  (Mark Hodge) – Change in guard schedule the last two weeks, many unregistered 4-wheelers and side-by-sides, hours adjusted to remediate this issue, repair needed on trails gate reflector, only bath house cameras still need to be installed. 

Architecture Report: – Rick Martin submitted written report.  Five applications approved between August and September.

Special Projects:  – No report


Committee Reports:

  1. Covenants and By-laws Revision – No date set for the Bylaws-Covenants Special Meeting due to ongoing Covid-19 concerns. Budget approved for attorney to look over suggested changes.
  2. Dredging Committee – Nothing new to report. However, Tim Ryan has talked to a 3rd contractor about conditions at Three Pipes Cove.


Unfinished Business

  1. Audit – Ongoing
  2. Lot Owner Information Checklist for files – removed due to its ongoing status.
  3. Auction of PLE owned properties – again tabled until further notice due to Covid-19.
  4. ADA accessibility – discussion on handicapped signs and stickers for vehicles
  5. Boat Docks – South dock inspection notes from Tiger Docks read by Dan Latham. Notes will be made available to lot owners.
  6. Inlet at Three Pipes – needs to be cleaned out.


New Business

  1. New gate card request approved. 2 cards previously denied at Annual meeting revisited.  Both approved by MOTION unanimously carried.  Discussion on ongoing issues with North Gate communications with lot owners’ phones. 
  2. Discussion on results of vote for Secondary Lots Assessment fee from Annual meeting. Tabled for future discussion.
  3. Resolution of lot owner issues received at the Annual meeting.
  4. Fall Workday – Saturday, October 10th @ 8:30 AM. Suggestion that Board consider inspecting abandoned looking and dilapidated lots and campers.  See guidelines in Recreation Rules and Regulations.


Open Forum

  1. Sign at end of dock should say “Courtesy Parking”.
  2. Bumper pads for boats and/or docks
  3. Handicap boat slips location
  4. Survey of property lines being lot owner’s responsibility
  5. No-wake buoys and boats speeding on lake
  6. Mark stopped-up culverts or bring them to the Board’s attention
  7. Lot owner question about enclosing existing pavilion


Meeting adjourned at 10:23 AM by President Dan Latham


Minutes submitted by Barbara Baker