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Pinnacle Lake Estates Monthly Board Meeting
Board Meeting Minutes: Saturday March 5, 2022
9:00 a.m. at Pinnacle Lake Pavilion

Board Members:
Present:  Dan Latham, Barbara Baker, Steve Pogulis, Tim Ryan, Tara Wallace, Rachel Haney,Dan Ryan
Absent:  Dan Collins


Prayers offered by John McCorkell for our community and the family of Larry Heidbrink.


February 5, 2021, Board Meeting Minutes were read by Recording Secretary Barbara Baker.  Motion made by Dan Ryan to approve minutes as read, seconded.  Board voted unanimously minutes will be recorded as read.


Boat Slip Lottery Drawing – The Boat Slip Lottery Drawing was held in accordance with the rules voted on by lot owners at the November 2021 Annual Meeting.  Addendum attached to the end of these minutes detail the lot owner names drawn and those who did not win a slip.

Administration Report: (Tara Wallace) – 8 new gate cards issued, 3 replacement cards, 6 boat and 6 motor, 1 camper, and 1 UTV registered

Treasurer Report: (Dan Collins) – no report submitted.  Account balances from the Balance Sheet as of February 28, 2022:

Boat Dock Fund – $29,207
Main Bank Account – $152,595
Special Assessments – $68,456
Wayne Beagle Fund – $3,296
Total – $253,555

 Roads Report: no report submitted.  Road needs to be widened on hills between Knese and Bosman’s property and at Boulder Pass and Bluff View.  Motion made by Dan Latham to add two new quarries as customers.  Seconded and approved unanimously.

Security Report: (Dan Ryan) – There is currently a shortage of Security officers.  We need 6 and maybe have 2 at this time.  From Montgomery City there is some interest in helping out with police officers.  An ad will be put on our website, posted on Neighbors page, and the Official Facebook page for 8 hour shifts at $15/hr.

 Architecture Report: (Steve Pogulis) –  1 request for general construction on their lot.  1 request (which needs a 2nd Board member to sign off on) approval pending.  1 dock request (tabled to Ex. Session). 

 Special Projects Report: (Rachel Haney) – Boat Docks- 4 fingers never added.  Original work done by Tiger Dock.  They estimate the 4 fingers will cost $17,672.  Motion made by Barbara Baker to table discussion of finger additions until other work (electric, welding, and structural issues) are dealt with.  Seconded and unanimously approved.  Pros and Cons of storage rack for paddle boats, kayaks, and canoes placed at the dock area discussed.  Creation of new parking spots (25-30) angle parking for trailers, etc.  Our Roads contractor is willing to do this – estimated bid $15,000-$22,000.  Tabled for more input.

Committee Reports:


By-Laws/Covenants Revision Committee – (Jane Alexander Chair) – Mike Cross submitted oral report.  Committee is meeting every Sunday.  3 homeowners and 5 campers are on the committee.  Hoping to be done so can be voted on by lot owners at this year’s Annual Meeting.  (Reminder that the documents need to be done by June so the Board can approve in July and post in August newsletter.)  Committee Chair requesting rules and regulations documents.  Office is ordering new editions of Robert’s Rules of Order for the committee and the office.


Lake Preservation Committee – Payments coming in from Special Assessments.  We need to address Three Pipes Cove and the beach area.


Recreation Committee – (Dena Cross Chair) – Flyer has been made (available in the office) about Easter Egg Hunt on April 9th.  The Easter Bunny will be there as well as an egg hunt, games, and lunch.  We need lot owner volunteers!  Dena is requesting access to supplies stored in the office, access to recreation funds, this tabled for Treasurer input.  Egg stuffing will be held in the office on Friday 4/1/2022 at 10:00 a.m.  Spring Clean-up will be on April 23, 2022.


Unfinished Business:

  1. Auction of PLE assets – ongoing.
  2. Boat Docks – Ongoing, electric repairs (see Special Projects report)

New Business: 

  1. Request for Additional Gate Cards – No requests this month.
  2. Issues/Complaints – None submitted this month.
  3. “Member’s in Good Standing” list – This list is maintained by the office and posted on the PLE website. We cannot post “Members NOT in Good Standing” list for legal reasons.  Questions raised, should this be dropped?  Should this be voted on in the next Annual Meeting? 
  4. Past due statements for assessments – Board needs to make a decision whether or not to send past due statements. From looking at the books, it hadn’t made a difference when it was tried in the past.


Open Forum  

  • Bear Creek Road sign still needs to be replaced in Trails Section.
  • Stop Sign needs to be replaced.
  • Holes outside North gate need to be filled.
  • If a lost card is found, can it be reactivated? Gate Card Request needs to be filled out.


Meeting adjourned at 11:08 AM by Dan Latham.

Executive Session following meeting at PLE Office.


Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Barbara Baker.


Amended and approved Minutes submitted 4/4/22