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Pinnacle Lake Estates Monthly Board Meeting
Board Meeting Minutes:  Saturday February 6, 2021
9:00 a.m. at Pinnacle Lake Office

Board Members:

Present: Dan Latham, Barbara Baker, Pam Manco

Tim Ryan, Rick Martin, Mark Hodge

Absent:  Bob Menzel, Charlie LePage



Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Dan Latham


January 9, 2021 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes were read by Recording Secretary Barbara Baker.  MOTION made by Tim Ryan to approve the December minutes as read.  Motion seconded.  Board agreed minutes will be recorded as read.


Administration Report: (Pam Manco) – 7 new gate cards and 3 replacement cards for the month of January, 1 boat and 1 motor registered.  Special Assessment Invoices along with the January newsletter were mailed out end of January.  We have started to receive payments from lot owners.  Those lot owners entering the boat slip lottery drawing, remember registrations due in the office no later than March 2, 2021.

Treasurer Report: (Bob Menzel) – no report.

Roads Report: – (Charlie LePage, Dan Latham, and Tim Ryan) – Written report submitted by Charlie.    Second culvert pipe installed at Pin Oak near Pin Oak boat ramp due to road issues there.  Cinders placed and road scraping done after first ice and snow of the year.  Cinders moved to several places around lake for easier access for road crew and residents.  Road grading and rock placement being done.  If you see something that needs attention, let Charlie know or call/email the office or another board member.  The gates will remain open during this weather event at least through the weekend.  Road crew is on standby. 

Security Report: (Mark Hodge) – North Gate communication issues have been fixed after the modem board was replaced.  Trails Gate has a new sensor.  Main gate working normally, but sensors are being blocked to hold the gate open.  There are cameras on the gate, so Security will be able to see who is tampering with the gate.   

Architecture Report:(Rick Martin) – Dock applications received from lot owner approved as per original variance for dock to remain in place until PLE dredges the lake.  A copy of the variance is filed with the application.

Special Projects:  – No report


Committee Reports:

  1. Covenants and By-laws Revision – Email from lawyer – issues with the documents sent
  2. Dredging Committee – Tim is reaching out and has contacts with Army Corps of Engineers and Mo Dept. of Conservation. Trying to get input from as many sources as possible.  Water testing needs to begin.  Perhaps we could qualify for grant money?


Unfinished Business


  1. Audit – Being taken off the ongoing Board meeting agenda.
  2. Auction of PLE owned properties – No new information.
  3. Boat Docks – No new information.
  4. Inlet at Three Pipes – Discussion postponed until Charlie is back.
  5. iNeighborhood Broadband Mapping and GPS Assessment – We have explored many options to getting higher speed internet to PLE. Most companies including Centurylink and Kingdom Telephone are not likely to advance with services out here due to geographical difficulties.



New Business


  1. Request for 1 new gate card approved.
  2. Mailbox issues/project – PLE is getting another CBU unit at the north gate with 8 additional mailboxes. With this, USPS says PLE now controls all the mailboxes, so the Board needs to develop their policy.  In the past USPS controlled their use and we had to follow their guidelines; we just issued box numbers and keys.



Open Forum Topics –

  1. PLE cannot guarantee a handicapped accessible slip.
  2. Jared is our vendor. He has a plow. 



Meeting adjourned at 10:48 AM by President Dan Latham


Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Barbara Baker