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Pinnacle Lake Estates Monthly Board Meeting 

Board Meeting Minutes:  Saturday June 5, 2021

9:00 a.m. at Pinnacle Lake Pavilion

Board Members:

Present: Dan Latham, Barbara Baker, Bob Menzel, Charlie LePage, Rick Martin, Tim Ryan, Mark Hodge



Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Dan Latham


May 1, 2021, Monthly Board Meeting Minutes were read by Recording Secretary Barbara Baker.  MOTION made by Bob Menzel to approve the May minutes as read.  Motion seconded.  Board agreed minutes will be recorded as read.


Administration Report:  – 6 new gate cards and 5 replacement cards issued for the month of May.  We had the following items registered for the month; 4 – Boats, 4 – Motors, 4 – UTV’s, 2 – ATVs, 1 – Jet ski.  Annual Assessment invoices were mailed on May 21st.  We have started to receive payments from lot owners. If you have not received your invoice or have any questions regarding your balance, please contact the office. Cheryl is out of town and will not be in the office until Tuesday, June 7th.

Treasurer Report: (Bob Menzel) – Account Balances

            Boat Dock Fund – $30,531

            Main Bank Account – $121,426

            Special Assessment – $158,601

            Wayne Beagle Fund – $4,811


            40 Liens have been prepared.


Roads Report: – (Charlie LePage) – 30 loads of rock have been placed since end of winter.  Grading has been done at least 1 time all around the lake and most of the secondary roads.  A 36” pipe is being put in on Tuesday June 8th at the corner of Pinnacle Road and Skyline Drive.  Traffic will not be able to turn R onto Skyline for a short time due to Ameren truck assisting with utility pole.  Lot owner wants Roads Committee to look at switch-back at the dam.


Security Report: (Mark Hodge) – Opening weekend was relatively uneventful.  Memorial Day weekend was not.  Vehicles were parked past the signs at the boat launch, boats were docked where they were not supposed to be.  Mold covers the entire back wall of the main Guard Shack.  The camera at the boat dock is broken and needs to be replaced.  Piled leaves had to be blown from the picnic area and beach needed to be cleaned up as it had not been during Spring workday.  Suggestion – leaf blowing and grass cutting on the beach should be part of the mowing contract.  Suggestion – we should hire a maintenance person.    


Architecture Report:(Rick Martin) – Two new lot owner requests:  a detached garage and slab, space added to existing dock.  Both requests approved.


Special Projects:  – (Charlie LePage) – 7 out of 8 new buoys are now in the lake.  Welding has been done on the South dock ramp, new bolts and transition plates.  Fish cleaning station has been rebuilt.  Power lines will be going on docks so there will be power to the end of the docks.    New and higher LED lights will be installed, amber in color to cut down on “light pollution” on docks at night.


Committee Reports:

  1. Covenants and By-laws Revision – (Rick Martin) – The Committee took the suggestions from the Lot Owners and the PLE Attorney. They have been put together in one document ready to be voted on during the Specially Called Meeting this fall. 
  2. Lake Preservation Committee – Here’s a general outline: to begin with we have to deal with the tributaries, Pinnacle Creek and Mary White Creek, first to slow or stop material coming into the lake.  We have found a contractor that meets all of PLE requirements as far as cost and insurances go.   He is starting in the Pinnacle Creek Cove; a retaining pond is being created to hold the material that will be pumped out of the cove.  The goal is to cut a channel deep enough around the islands that motor traffic can go around without getting stuck.


Unfinished Business

  1. Auction of PLE owned properties – Now that the liens are ready to go out, the Office and Board are getting the list of properties together. Trophy Auctioneers will be looking at plat maps and lot descriptions to help with the pricing.
  2. Boat Docks /Buoys – Dock inspection; Bid to repair pin at the dock – ongoing
  1. PLE Mailbox Policy – ongoing


New Business

  1. Requests for new gate cards – One request for a card for a spouse – approved.    
  2. Issues/Complaints – One Guard Shack issue.
  3. Starlink Satellite Internet Service – $99 down, plug and play, $499 for the box.  Motion by Tim Ryan to set up Starlink for office.  Seconded and approved unanimously.  
  4. Newsletter – Newsletter read and reviewed.  Changes:  Add information letter about the tributary work and dredging at top of 3rd page.  Under Projects for the next 5 years on page 4, take out Dredging and add Bath House.  Rick Martin will change Special Lot Owner Meeting information.  Undecided:  Location, date, and time for 2021 Annual Meeting.  Complete list of items to be voted on – wording for the change to the fee schedule related to secondary lots. 
  5. Vote on Prospective new Board Members:  PLE Lot Owners Tara Wallace and Rachel Haney.  Motion made by Barbara Baker to bring both Lot Owners onto the board as provided in Article III, Section 1f of our By-Laws.  Motion seconded and unanimously approved. 


Open Forum Topics –

  1. Lot owner wants Boat Slip Lottery Drawing to be open to all lot owners.  Discussion followed. 



Meeting adjourned at 10:52 AM by President Dan Latham

Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Barbara Baker