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Pinnacle Lake Estates Monthly Board Meeting

Board Meeting Minutes:  Saturday December 5, 2020

9:00 a.m. at Pinnacle Lake Office

Board Members:

Present: Dan Latham, Barbara Baker, Bob Menzel, Rick Martin

Tim Ryan, Charlie LePage

Absent:  Pam Manco, Mark Hodge



Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Dan Latham


November 7, 2020 Monthly Board Meeting Minutes were read by Recording Secretary Barbara Baker.  Correction to minutes:  Correct the spelling of Charlie’s last name.  The account previously called Main Money Market Fund is actually the Main Checking Account.

MOTION made by Dan Latham to approve the October meeting minutes as amended.  Motion seconded and carried.  Board agreed minutes will be recorded as amended.


Administration Report:  (Pam Manco) – submitted written report:  No new registrations for the Month of November.  Reminding lot owners that all boats, motors, RVs, ATVs, etc. according to PLEs Rules and Regulations must be registered, belong to lot owners, and have stickers.  Guest campers are allowed, but only with prior board approval.  4 new gate cards were issued for the month of November.  A reminder about the winter office hours and holidays.

Treasurer Report:  (Bob Menzel) – Current account balances:

            Boat Dock Fund – $15,907

            Main Checking Account – $139,544

            Special Assessment – $100,519

            Wayne Beagle Fund – $5,132

Roads Report:Ongoing grading projects around PLE, cinders delivered for snowy weather, discussion of installation of the big culvert pipe, leak in bath house is fixed.

Security Report:  (Mark Hodge) – no report

Architecture Report:(Rick Martin) – no new lot owner requests

Special Projects:  – (Charlie LePage) – Gathering information on the docks, Bob will talk with  Goliath about an evaluation and a bid, compare to what we’ve gotten from Tiger Docks, discussion on best way to anchor the docks.


Committee Reports:

  1. Covenants and By-laws Revision – A lawyer has been engaged to look over suggested changes to By Laws and Covenants in the context of current regulations and from that our committee can formalize a new document that includes her recommendations and language that then can be presented to the lot owners to vote on. Current guess on when we will be able to have that vote is sometime next year due to COVID.  
  2. Dredging Committee – Plan to meet Saturday the 12th of December.


Unfinished Business


  1. Audit – Ongoing
  2. Auction of PLE owned properties – tabled until further notice due to COVID
  3. Boat Docks – Discussed during Special Projects report.
  4. Inlet at Three Pipes – Look at next Saturday


New Business


  1. Request for 4 new gate cards approved.
  2. 2 Complaint forms submitted in November. First one, lot owner believes neighboring camper is partially on their property.  Second, a dispute over outdoor area light on post – lot owner has security video of individual cutting their power line with an axe.
  3. Purpose of Closed (Executive) Session. A review of what topics need to be discussed in closed or Executive Session. 
  4. iNeighborhood Broadband Mapping and GPS Assessment – would cost PLE $7000.



Open Forum Topics –


  1. Piles of rock stored around lake for PLE use only.
  2. The dam and the islands need to be burned.
  3. Filling in the holes around the pipe in the 3 Pipes.


Meeting adjourned at 10:37 AM by President Dan Latham


Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Barbara Baker