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Pinnacle Lake Estates Monthly Board Meeting
Board Meeting Minutes: Saturday July 9, 2022
9:00 a.m. at Pinnacle Lake Pavilion

Board Members:
Present: Dan Latham, Steve Pogulis, Tim Ryan, Rachel Haney,
Dan Ryan, Dan Collins

Absent: Barbara Baker, Tara Wallace

Meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m. by President Dan Latham

June 4, 2022, Monthly Board Meeting Minutes were read by Treasurer Dan Collins. Amendments to Minutes: Present should be President, ATV should be UTV. Motion made by Dan Collins to approve minutes as amended, seconded. Board voted minutes will be recorded as amended.

Dan Latham read statement by Recording Secretary Barbara Baker clarifying what was said at the June Board meeting concerning the Board’s work on revisions following the committee’s input. Also, clarifying that there is no statement in the Bylaws currently in force that allows a committee or the membership to petition to force a vote at an annual meeting. Barbara’s statement attached. (Jane replied this is not in PLE documents, it is in state statute.)

Dan Latham – read statement acknowledged lot owner’s pertinent questions and asked that they be submitted to the Board in writing to make sure they get the time and research they require. Statement attached.

Administration Report: (Tara Wallace) – Tara absent, report submitted by Office. 2 new gate cards for the month of June, 6 replacement cards. Registrations for the month of June: 3 boats and 1 motor, 1 camper, 2 ATVs (1 new and 1 replacement), and 3 UTVs.

Treasurer Report: (Dan Collins) –
Current assets:
Boat Dock Fund – $30,223
Main Bank Account – $185,316
Special Assessments – $94,275
Wayne Beegle Fund – $3,039
Total Assets – $312,855

Running $200K balances, $15K spent per month, projects next year will be very tight. May need to raise assessments, most importantly collect what is currently owed to PLE. 90 lot owners have not paid special assessments.

Roads Report: (Dan Latham) – Culvert issues, grading in some areas.

Security Report: (Dan Ryan) – Main Gate and North Gate both hit by cars. Claims made against both drivers’ insurance. Main Gate was destroyed, North Gate bent and fixed on site. Cameras need to be updated. Both hits on gates caught on video. We don’t have 24/7 security. Trails gate also hit and damaged. Has been repaired. Trails Electric Utility planned power outage Mon 9am – for 4 hours. Lot owner concern about how gates would react. Boater reported as acting up – Dan Ryan will contact.

Architecture Report: – (Steve Pogulis) – Request for shed and driveway. Request for garage. Both approved. One shed still pending. One complaint – Steve is looking into.

Camera due – need long term with remote access. Cameras need repairs, to keep what we have working. Trails – one camera – possibly in next year’s budget.

Gates – Main Gate keep as extra gate. Insurance will cover. Birdsong came back out to fix the motor enhancements. Signage, strobe sensor to help. North gate – caller update working with Door King to get message error fix. Upgrade to call and cell phone. Question by lot owner: Can we get that done? MO Mesh – being built at lake. Private wireless internet, private effort going out. (

Special Projects: – (Rachel Haney) – Fencing around holding tank at bath house. Material $1500 from Menards – best price. Money to be pulled from the sale of PLE owned property. Jason or Jared can do install at their normal bill rate. Motion to approve purchase of materials and installation by Dan Ryan, seconded, unanimously approved.

Replacing wood post at Trails Gate. Ron Schiaffo has an 8×8 post he can donate.

Bath house issue – sinks and drains clogged with sand in women’s bathroom.

Rachel is working on insurance review. Will have numbers at next meeting. We can save on the cost and add extra coverage.

Trash issue – tried liners, ask lot owners to empty the trash cans. Post signs, post on Facebook, going in Newsletter. Had pick-up on Saturday, was full by Sunday again. Trash included construction debris and large items as well as household trash. Assist lot owners to get their own dumpster for large clean-outs and construction. Should we get an extra dumpster? Can we get a trash compactor?

Work order – clog in men’s shower. Bench in women’s restroom.

Suggestions: more dumpsters, compactors, recycle collections, cardboard collections, collect and burn cardboard, trash cameras.

Next Board Bylaws and Covenants revision meeting is Tuesday.

Committee Reports:

Covenants and By-laws Revision – (Chair Jane Alexander) – Jane gave a statement regarding the letter that was send out by Patrick Crites to lot owners, but not authorized by the Committee. Stephen Davis is attorney retained by Mr. Crites for this purpose. Copy of petition/letter and Jane’s statement attached to these minutes.

Recommendation from committee to change the date of the Annual Meeting – maybe to November.

Board needs to finish going through both the Bylaws and Covenants before meeting with Lot Owner Revision Committee. All revisions then will go to our Attorney Jaime Carr.

Complaint that Board is not providing weekly feedback to committee following each time Board meets to work on revisions. Board was not informed that weekly feedback was expected.

Complaint that derogatory statements made in Board meeting about Committee members. No further information on this.

Lake Preservation – No report

Recreation Committee – (Dena Cross) – Not present, no report submitted. Dena will update next month.

Unfinished Business

a. Sale of PLE assets – 5th lot closed on Log Cabin Trail. $5000 in escrow pending “Quiet Title”. 6th lot on Valley Way has had no interest or action. 7th lot (old McCorkell lot with wall issue not yet listed for sale) – on hold. Steve will look at wall.
b. Boat Docks /Buoys – Delayed as other priorities came up, also weather/heat impact added to delay – still high on to-do list. Still needs relocation of two of the arches.
c. Past due statements for assessments – Tara absent, no discussion.
d. Current By-laws concerning assessments – legal actions other than liens – Tara absent, no discussion.

New Business

a. Requests for new gate cards – Board not accepting requests for new gate cards at this time pending Board review of policy. Number of cards for permanent residents vs weekenders was discussed, also cell phone access vs. card access.

b. Issues/Complaints – none submitted

c. Gate card policy – still being worked on

d. Gate repairs – North Gate now working, repair of Main gate in progress.

e. Newsletter – tabled to Ex. Session

f. Solution to overage on security budget plus payroll spent Sep/Oct 2022 – Dan Collins explained Security a bit over this fiscal year. Will get back with numbers.

g. Should PLE establish an erosion control and master plan committee – Should we add a Future Projects list to the agenda? Rachel will put this on the Special Projects list. Overall we are all booked up.


Open Forum

Complaint regarding a post on a public group on Facebook that mentioned PLE fireworks.

What does FDPCA stand for? Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

What is progress on moving shed from PLE property? Target date of Oct. 31 to have stuff cleaned out and shed moved.

Secondary lots – lot owner states that, concerning the 2002 Annual Meeting vote to amend Bylaws and Covenants, he doesn’t read it the same way Barb does.

Lot owner wants to know if PLE charges collection costs on overdue special assessments. Yes.

Lot owner asking about capacity for boats and other watercraft on our lake.

Suggestion the board add another position – “Tech Manager”

Discussion on virtual meetings

Suggestion to include future PLE erosion control in Lake Preservation to encompass: erosion, water quality, dredging, master plan/planning.



Meeting adjourned at 11:55 AM by President Dan Latham.

Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Barbara Baker from notes taken by Steve Pogulis and Cheryl Purfeerst at the July 9th meeting.



Numbers for Administrative Secretary’s report

Clarification of Statement made concerning the 2002 Annual Meeting vote to amend Bylaws and Covenants.