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Pinnacle Lake Annual Meeting Minutes
Saturday, September 16, 2023

• Meeting was called to order and commenced as previously set forth.

• As usual the board members gave an update on their perspective areas with some also sharing
their vision for the board going forward. Alternatively, some also shared their frustrations with
the board and provided recommendations for better overall communication and collaboration.

• Jane Alexander requested a chance to speak and shared an update on the by-laws and
covenants committee: She discussed the structure of the meetings, who attended and how
many times they met, while also providing her thoughts and feedback on the overall process.
The main concern she expressed was the approval process and willingness to debate certain
aspects of the proposed changes in order to move the project forward.

• Prior to the annual meeting Racheal Haney tendered her resignation, opening an alternate
position within the board. 2 of the 3 listed alternates were contacted and rejected the offer,
while Brant Wagster who had not yet been contacted, accepted the offer on site, thus solidifying
his position on the board as Racheal’s replacement.

• We had 4 nominees for new board members this year – Carly Lewis – Mike Cross – Mark Hodge
– and Tara Wallace who was nominated for another term. Carly, Mike, and Mark provided a
short bio explaining their backgrounds and reasons for running for the board.

• Once that was completed voting for new board members commenced and the results were as
follows – 73 votes for Carly Lewis – 72 votes for Mark Hodge – and 57 votes for Mike Cross, and
37 votes for Tara Wallace.

• Current board members Barbara Baker and Tara Wallace were both nominated for additional
terms but declined. Tara however has remained in place as an alternate.

• Vote for assessment increases:
The ballots were handed out and once tallied, the results were as follows:
The motion failed with a vote of 61 no and 28 yes.

• Steve Pogulis, in response to some of the feedback, shared his experience with the board thus
far and offered his guidance for the future and ways to be more collaborative. Steve was
inspired to share some of his personal thoughts about our wonderful community and the board,
but also highlighted some of the challenges he’s experienced. To that point, he offered some
additional thoughts and idea’s on making the board and community work better together

• Executive session followed and new board member positions were assigned as follows:
President – Carly Lewis
Vice-President – Dan Latham-Smith
Admin Secretary – Nikki Mohrmann
Recording Secretary – Mark Hodge
Treasurer – Bob Menzel
Mike Cross – Roads
Security – Dan Ryan
Architecture – Steve Pogulis
Special Projects – Brant Wagster