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Pinnacle Lake Estates Monthly Board Meeting
Board Meeting Minutes: Saturday December 3, 2022
9:00 AM at Pinnacle Lake Office

Board Members:
Present:  Dan Latham, Rachel Haney, Tara Wallace, Dan Collins, Barbara Baker, Bob Menzel, Steve Pogulis, Dan Ryan, Nikki Mohrmann


Meeting called to order at 9:00 AM by President Dan Latham


Introduction of new Board of Trustees by Dan Latham:


            Dan Latham – President                                              Dan Ryan – Security

            Rachel Haney – Vice-President                                   Nikki Mohrmann – Special Projects

            Tara Wallace – Admin Secretary                                Steve Pogulis – Architecture

            Dan Collins – Treasurer                                              Bob Menzel – Roads   

            Barbara Baker – Recording Secretary


First PLE Board Zoom Meeting introduction.  Link available on Facebook Official Page and on Website.


November 5, 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes read by Recording Secretary Barbara Baker.  Amendments:  During Recreation Report, word “even” should be “event”.  Also, Rachel added information concerning the state of the metal shed behind the office and where recreation supplies will be stored at the end of the Recreation Report.  Motion made by Bob Menzel to approve minutes as amended, motion seconded. Vote to approve minutes as amended unanimous.


Administration Report: (Tara Wallace) –  For the month of October – 3 replacement gate cards issued; 9 new cards issued.  No new registrations.  For the month of November – 1 replacement card issued; 5 new cards issued.  1 camper registered. Reminder: Cheryl will be out of the office on Dec. 5th.   The office needs to purchase two office chairs as we do not have enough for the full Board.  We need approval for Cheryl to look at used furniture store in Warrenton for their $39 office chairs.  We also need additional small tables to give more space for 9 Trustees.  Motion to approve up to $150 made by Dan Collins.  Seconded, and approved by all. 

 Nothing new to report on collections.


Treasurer Report: (Dan Collins) –

            Current assets:

            Boat Dock Fund – $18,527.12

            Main Bank Account – $228,115.69

            Special Assessments – $38,751.99

            Wayne Beegle Fund – $4,209.73

            Total Assets – $289,604.53



Roads Report: (Bob Menzel) –  Cinders will be coming next week.  They will be put on the Y at the boat dock road.  Small pile will be put at the start of the road that leads to Baker’s driveway.  A small pile is still on the top of the Trails hill and additional locations.  We bought 75 tons of cinders three years ago. This year we are buying 50 tons.  Next year we may be able to get cinders for no cost.  A couple of work orders for culverts are being sent to Jared. 


Security Report: (Dan Ryan) – All gate damage has been paid by insurance as we requested, a little over $20,000 for the main gate.  Someone put a paper mask over the sensor to the main gate to hold the gate open.  This is becoming a significant problem.  These gates are sensitive equipment and can easily be damaged by tampering.  All citations that were reported last summer will be considered a “free ride”.   For those lot owners that can be identified, they will be sent letters telling them what would have been the fine.  We will enforce these and include fines next summer.  Anyone who knows anyone who would like a part time security job, send Dan Ryan the name and phone number to the email address on the website.


Architecture Report: – (Steve Pogulis) – There are 5 open requests which will be signed off on and approved.  One request where the lot owner started the improvement before the request was turned in and has continued the improvement before the request has been approved.  We have been able to identify the individual with our security camera who put the mask over the sensor.  We are doing some improvements on our existing cameras.  We have not spent any money on the improvements yet, but that is part of our priorities for 2022-2023. 


Special Projects: – (Nikki Mohrmann) – Working with Rachel to take over where Rachel left off.  I am getting notes together for the Spring and Fall workdays as well as providing the large roll-off dumpster again for large items.  I am working on our Social Media transition and looking for input from lot owners on things they would like to see happening or changed out here at PLE. 



Committee Reports:


Lake Preservation Committee We have finished the dredging over by the bath house.  Some lot owners have been contacting Jason to have dredging spoils moved to their properties.  Property owners are discouraged from moving the material on their own due to liability issues. 


Recreation Committee (Dena Cross) – There are not any PLE sponsored recreation events scheduled.  However, on the 10th we will be doing a scavenger hunt starting and ending up at Bobby Arnold’s barn.  The start is at 4:00 PM and will end at 5:30 with a Christmas party afterwards at Bobby’s barn.  We are also doing Christmas caroling on Saturday the 17th , meeting at the bathhouse parking lot at 4:00 PM.


Discussion about budget for Recreation Committee. 


Unfinished Business


  1. Sale of PLE assets – ongoing


  1. Boat Docks – (Steve) – The archways on the boat dock fingers have been moved and electricians have been called to finish up, hopefully this year.



New Business

 Gate Card Requests – no new gate card requests will be allowed pending Steve P’s analysis. Steve has completed a preliminary analysis.  The maximum number of gate cards belong to law enforcement, with Montgomery County holding the greatest number of cards.  They are currently auditing that number.  Of all the card numbers out there tied to lot owners, most holders have 2 or 3 cards and a surprising number (160) hold only one card.  As of a month and a half ago, the approximate total number of cards out there is 1,920.   


Issues/Complaints – from October – anonymous complaint that someone was using a drone for unknown purposes. Anonymous complaint that someone is living full time in their camper. 


Board Priorities – (Barbara) – Barbara wants to see money amounts put next to each priority item. Those items that Board members or lot owner volunteers can do so as not to have a cost should be pushed to the top of the list.  Looking for lot owner volunteers to move the shed in back of the office and pour a foundation. 


Update and Next steps on revisions – The Board has received by email a list of questions our attorney has about the revisions.


Planning a Roving Meeting – purpose and process – we need to wait until after the revised Covenants are approved.


Gate Violation Fines – needs to be included in violation schedule – Motion made by Dan Ryan to approve a $500 fine for tampering with or damaging a gate or mechanism on top of any cost of damage done. Interruptions and loud arguing by two board members as well as discussions being held by lot owners in the office.  Rachel points out that our Covenants allow for a maximum fine of $300.  Dan Ryan’s Motion amended to Approve an initial and immediate $300 fine for tampering with or damaging a gate or mechanism on top of any cost of damage done.  Seconded and approved by all. 


Handicapped Accessibility Request – Request for ramp into office to allow attendance at monthly Board meetings. Request for handicapped accessible Port-A-Potty.  Request for access for fishing on the docks (there is a step up on the right-handed dock).   Request for handicap safe bath house .  Motion by Bob Menzel – Get rid of all port-a-potties except for 1 handicapped accessible one for Winter months, until the bath house opens in April.    Vote:  5 yes, 4 no.


Open Forum


Grey water in cove – Houses that are sold in PLE are not being inspected for grey water septic issues.  Per Rachel – Warren County does do inspections past a certain year.  Montgomery county has no regulations concerning septic.  Rachel offers to contact correct authority if specific information can be provided for her. 


Problem with vegetation growing in cove by Apple’s property.  Dan L, Bob, and Jason will go out with the lot owner and inspect the cove and discuss what can be done about the vegetation growth.


Lot owner questions what is happening on erosion control.  Reply from Dan L – we need to start working on funding future dredging needs, perhaps a Special Assessment spread out over 10 years so that when the time comes again, we will be ready.  We need lot owners to step up and work together to set up an erosion control plan.  3 volunteers identified at the meeting:  John McCorkell, Nikki Mohrmann, and Steve Pogulis.


Lot owner complains that the sound system at the Middle School doesn’t allow for good communication. 


Lot owner wanting to be sure cinders are placed on all hills and curves.  A list of lot owners who live full-time at PLE and their road names has been created and given to Bob to use as a priority during bad road weather.  Suggestion to purchase a plow for the PLE UTV. 


Suggestion that getting rid of either Starlink or Century Link DSL could recoup close to $5000.


Suggestion that roads are not being properly graded and we need a new person running the graders.


Fiscal responsibility – Each Board member is responsible for the fiscal health of PLE, not just the Treasurer.


New and Unfinished Business –

Next Steps for revisions – Lot owner points out this topic should be under Unfinished Business, not New Business.   The revisions are in the hands of the attorney, and we do not have a date for when they will be ready to publish.

Trails camera – where are we on this?  Steve is looking for solutions to not having internet at Trails Gate.  Next issue is cost; we need an estimate.  Looking at trail cameras. 

Gate cards – statement has been made that no new gate cards will be issued until a determination has been made as to how many cards each lot owner may have.  Yet, Admin Report mentions new gate cards issued.  (The new cards were not additional cards past the first 3.  They were new issues for new lot owners and the police.)

 FDCPA – Lot owner states that Publishing Lot Owners in Good Standing or not in good standing is not covered in this Act. 

 Security Vehicle and saving money – where is the vehicle being stored in the off-season?   It is being stored in a locked garage on property that is being leased by the association.  Location not being disclosed due to security reasons. 

 Suggestion that Lot Assessment increases be brought up again at the next Specially Called Meeting.


 Meeting adjourned at 11:42 AM by President Dan Latham.

 Minutes submitted by Recording Secretary Barbara Baker.